Make plum puree for your 8 month old

It is an exciting time for your eight-month-old baby. At this age, your baby has passed certain milestones and have most definitely been introduced to solid food already. If not here is a good way to start with your baby’s solid food journey by introducing plum to your baby. and as you know I prefer homemade baby food.

If you have already added solid to your child’s diet, plum baby food might be good as a stage 2 food. I would recommend you purchase organic and make your own homemade baby food for the well being of your child.

The many faces of plum baby food

There are many reasons why you should at least once try the plum baby food, this is one of the fruits that go well with many different fruits and I can assure you that even the most finicky eight-month-old child will find something she likes. This fruit is easy on the taste buttons alone but magnificent when you mix it with other fruits and vegetables. this fruit can be easily combined with a great variety of different fruits and vegetables such as bananas, peaches, and apricots or just give your baby a taste of the islands and mix your plum with a small amount of homemade mango puree or mango juice. It is not wise to add too much mango for it can cause an excessive bowel movement. One of the reasons to try this fruit is because it is very rich in vitamin C and fiber.

Fruits and vegetables are awesome but your baby needs protein and grains as well. Plum baby food also combines greatly with Quinoa, leeks, tarragon, and chicken. Plum baby food can, therefore, be made in many different ways so your child will always enjoy a fresh bowl of plum baby food.

How to make plum baby food

When preparing homemade baby food, I will always recommend to do it the best way possible, that means that you have to get the best plums to do the task. So what to look for when purchasing the best plums. Purchasing: add solely the plums that are firm to your cart. If the plum is soft or wrinkled please do not buy that one and if possible purchase organic. the next step is one of the most important steps;  wash the fruit: The skin of fruits can be carriers of many bacteria so it is of utmost importance that you wash the fruit for at least 10 minutes under running water or use a bowl with water mixed with a little vinegar. Peel the skin from the flesh and remove the pit from the fruit. Cut the fruit in small slices or dice the fruit. This will make it easier to puree. If you feel like you can also cook or steam the plum before pureeing. Puree the plum in a food processor and pour it in the ice cube trays. Freeze the puree: place the ice cube tray in the freezer and allow it to freeze. Store the frozen ice cubes in a Ziploc bag with the name of the food and the date written on it and place it in the freezer.

You now have your very own homemade plum puree. There is no limit on interesting combinations that can be made when you do it yourself. You can shop for food that you are sure is organic, or you can just use food that you have grown at home in your very own garden.


You love your child and want her to grow up happy and healthy. when you start your child off with healthy, organic food early in life, you are giving the world proof of your love. Always strive to make your own homemade baby food and do not forget that your options are limitless.

Some babies may react to new foods, it is therefore always recommended to discuss any new food with your pediatrician first.

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