Amazing benefits of Apricots for your baby

Apricot is not only an important and nutritious food which can easily be made as baby food but it can also be added as an extra ingredient to your baby food. Actually, apricot offers several health benefits for toddlers including aid in digestion, the supply of essential minerals and vitamins, aid in brain development and acts as a natural laxative. The fruit is thought to have originated in China but soon became very popular in Armenia. From Armenia apricot was introduced in Europe and America. Turkey is the highest producer of Apricot. But these fruits can be found in your local supermarket as well.

As with several other fruits, you may typically introduce apricots anywhere from 6 months old or older. In the case, you’ll be using dried apricots, try to find those that are produced on an organic farm.

Apricots have a beautiful orange skin, telling you straight away that they are an excellent source of beta-carotene, which converts to vitamin A in your baby’s body but be careful never give your baby too much of a fruit that contains beta-carotene for they can cause yellowing of the baby’s skin. Apricot baby food is a great source of vitamin C and fiber, plus many minerals such as iron,copper and potassium.

If you decide to peel apricots for your baby, then the easiest way is to plunge them briefly into boiling water, then into the iced water. This really helps loosen the skin. You may even want to prepare organic apricot baby food for your baby for this is the best way to ensure that your baby does not consume any unwanted pesticides or hormones.

The benefits


As apricots contain copper and iron, they are helpful in creating hemoglobin, hence they are extremely beneficial and natural remedy for babies suffering from anemia. High content of magnesium in apricots helps in proper and good functioning of the brain. Magnesium also helps normalize blood pressure to a great extent.

Apricots are rich in fiber and prevent constipation. This greatly helps in digestion. Any problem related to digestion can be cured and take care of with the intake of a decent amount of apricots. Your baby simply has to take in apricot on a regular basis. Apricots along with honey and mineral water should be blended into the mixture. You can use a blender to do this. Drinking the mixture can bring down fever. It also eliminates waste from the body. So it can be used as a detox for your baby but also for grown-ups. Apricot juice is believed to cure fever and high temperature in general. Actually, its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties affect the body’s overall temperature, curing fever.

Apricots have either significant or at least moderate amounts of all the needed minerals necessary for healthy bone growth. Iron, calcium, phosphorous, manganese and copper all play an important role in the creation of bone matter of your toddler. That said, eating apricots and preparing homemade apricot baby food can ensure the healthy growth and development of your baby’s bones.

Foods rich in Vitamin A, C, K, Carotenoids, and beta-carotene can help reduce the risk of vision problems. Apricots contain an antioxidant called Zeathin, this antioxidant provides light filtering functions, thus improving vision.

Here is why these yummy fruits are ideal

An appropriate serving of dried apricots for your toddles is just about 1/4 cup. This amount of dried apricots supplies your baby with many of the nutrients they need for a normal growth. The dried apricot baby food contains a generous dose of iron and vitamins, which helps your little one’s body produce healthy red blood cells. Even more, your toddler will also get a good amount of potassium, a mineral that supports proper muscle and proper heart function.


Keep in mind that some babies may react to new foods, it is therefore always recommended to discuss any new food with your pediatrician first.

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