Introducing solid food: when is my baby ready

Isn’t it always adorable to see your little pumpkin pie grow up and do new things? They are busy doing their own thing, living in their own little world. As they grow up their diet change an get adjusted many times. your baby might be ready for solid food. So when is the right time to start these adjustments? It is safe to say that the right time to start with these adjustments is around 6 months. This is because the baby is developmentally ready for new foods. So it is very safe to feed your child baby food at 6 months old. Baby food for a 6-month-old baby can be anything from pureed food to fortified cereals, but you can also make your own baby food. It is a common phenomenon that some babies are ready for baby food at an earlier stage in their development (around 4 -5 months), it is perfectly safe to feed your baby solid food at this stage in their lives but make sure you consult your pediatrician first and make sure you feed your child only healthy food.

 So when is your child ready?

When your child is ready for baby food you will notice this by different things the child is doing. The baby will show certain signs which will let you know immediately that your baby is ready.

Here are some signs to look for:

  • Your baby can sit up and independently hold up her head and neck (still it would be recommended to support your baby).
  • The baby’s birth weight has doubled.
  • The baby is interested in the food you are eating and tries to grab it while your eating.
  • The baby can keep food in her mouth.
  • The baby shows signs of being hungry more often.
  • the baby is teething.
  • the baby can close her mouth around a spoon.

When you notice these signs and the pediatrician has given the O.K. sign; you can introduce your child to solid food. Nowadays many stores carry commercially prepared baby food which can be very healthy and contains the right nutrition for your baby’s well being. you should always avoid brands with added fillers and sugars, these are not healthy for your baby and can cause harm to your child. You can also prepare your own healthy baby food. This can be pureed food like sweet potato, squash, banana, and peaches. If you are going to prepare your own homemade baby food, please follow the safety rules.

you might notice that your baby doesn’t want to eat solid food yet, don’t panic, give it time, try to give the baby the solid food after a day or two again or after a week. the baby will eventually start to like it.

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